3 Things You Might be Surprised to Learn About Clutter

1. Clutter Causes Stress.

Clutter in your living space causes clutter in your mind. Clutter in your mind causes you stress! If you start your day off facing clutter from your nightstand to the mudroom, when you walk out that door, you’re not only carrying what is in your hands — you are carrying the clutter in your mind with you all day.

2. Clutter Costs Money.

If you have too much clutter, it is taking up valuable real estate in your home, car and office.

When you run out of space, you rent an off-site storage unit which can cost hundreds of dollars a year.

When you can’t find an item, you go out and buy another one.

3. Clutter Wastes Time.

Some statistics I found may surprise you!

• Americans spend one year of their lives looking for misplaced items.

• 23% of Americans admit to paying bills late — and incurring late fees! — because they can’t find them.

• 1 in 11 American households rent a self-storage space and spend over $1,000 a year in rent.

• It costs an average of $10/square foot to store items in your home.

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