Our Process

Our Process: Organized by Sharon Makes Organizing Easy!

Senior woman hiring a personal organizer to help her downsize into a senior living or assisted living facility

Phase 1: Free Phone Consultation

We discuss the reason you called an organizer. What isn’t working for you, why it isn’t working, what you have tried in the past and what you envision an organized space to be. We will discuss fees and packages we offer. At this point, if you are ready to start, we can schedule the time you need and skip right to Get Started. If you would like to meet first, we can set up a time for an in home consultation. Travel fees may apply. 


Phase 2: Assesment

We tour your space and discuss the issues with current systems and your daily routine.Understanding why you are disorganized is an important part of the process to get organized and stay organized. An assessment questionnaire will be sent to you via email or mail for you to fill out before our first appointment. If this is intimidating for you, we can fill it out together during our first session. At our first session we will discuss the assessment, look at the project together, determine the plan of action and start tackling the project.

Writing Goals On Notepad for home office organization

Phase 3: Get Started

This step can be intimidating but once we start and set a goal and guidlines to attain that goal, intimidation turns into determination. You can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Determining what you will keep, donate, and trash. Together we develop “rules” to follow making this difficult process more efficient. You are always in control of where the item goes. We only guide you and make suggestions when necessary.

Phase 4: Customization

Accessing the belongings you keep, we categorize, consolidate and find the most logical space for the items, while keeping in mind your organizing style. Organized by Sharon always tries to work with what you already own, but, if needed, we will make recommendations for products and pieces within your budget that will help to improve and maintain order within your space.

Phase 5: Putting It Together

Finally, we place all belongings in their newly determined homes and move necessary furniture to its ideal location. At this point your new systems are in place allowing for easy retrieval and replacement of belongings, creating a space you love to come home to.

Phase 6: Maintenance

For clients who have opted for a full house organization, you will find that your home, office and life is more organized. However, as priorities change and life gets hectic, we recommend monthly maintenance to keep the space as organized as the day we left and to allow the space to evolve with your lifestyle. Special rates are available.

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