How to Eliminate Mail Clutter From Our Lives

Clutter. Oh the constant battle of clutter! So often we find clutter all around us from mail, gifts, hand me downs to items that we buy. The problem is, if we don’t deal with it right when we get it, it starts to collect and create stress.

Does this messy pile of mail look all too familiar?

How to Elimiate Clutter

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Mail seems to be one of the toughest things to deal with for most people. But it doesn’t have to be! As soon as mail enters your home, decide what you will do with it immediately. With just a few simple steps, you can keep mail from getting out of control. Here are 7 tips to eliminate mail clutter for good.


How to Eliminate Mail Clutter 

1.    Get on the do not mail list here:  

2.    Set up an intake process. Have an area where mail goes whether it’s a table, desk, or mail slots. Nothing else should be in this space.

3.   Sort mail into categories- junk, bills, advertisements, magazines/newspapers.

4.    Have a garbage/recycle can and shredder nearby. Shred only items with account numbers, promotional ads for credit cards, trips or personal information someone can’t easily get online. You don’t have to shred every paper with your address on it, that information is everywhere.

5.    Throw out all junk mail immediately.

6.    Open all important mail and decide what to do with it. If it is a bill, place in bill holder. I find something as simple as this mail organizer from Walmart really helps.

Mail Organizer

7.    Place a basket near the place you like to sit and read for magazines/newspapers.

So, there you have it. Follow these 7 easy steps on how to reduce mail clutter and you’ll see how much better you’ll feel!  Need more tips on organizing your home or office? Make sure to follow our blog and follow us on Facebook for the latest tips and tricks from Organized by Sharon. For more information on professional organizing or to schedule a free consultation, please contact me at (518) 791-5560 or contact me online.

Happy Organizing!


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