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It’s Springtime! Here are 8 Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Time to open the windows, let the cool spring breeze blow in and the musty winter air blow out.

It’s time to clean and declutter those spaces that you’ve overlooked throughout the year!

But, where to start?

Here are 8 Spring Cleaning Tips that will help you Declutter and Clean those forgotten spaces and freshen up your space.

Set a date. Pick a day that you can spend without interruptions and book yourself! Depending on how many rooms you need to do this may take a few appointments.

Enlist help. Whether it’s family members, a friend or a hired professional, many hands make light work. If you just don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, there is no shame in getting outside help from a cleaning company or professional organizer.

Start by decluttering each room from top to bottom. Clear out all items you have not touch in the past year (or years). Really, if you haven’t needed it within the last twelve months, mostly likely you will not need it in the next twelve months.

Make piles of Keep, Relocate and Donate. Have a sturdy, black bag handy for all trash. Try to make a decision about an item and stick to it. When you’re not sure, ask yourself: Do I love it, need it and what is the worst thing that will happen if I get rid of it?

Clean all surfaces before returning the keep items. Wipe down shelves, outside of cabinets, walls and baseboards. Wash windows inside and out (hire a professional if this is outside your ability).

Make a home for everything you own. I can’t say this enough, it is one of the biggest secrets to getting and staying organized! A Place for Everything, Everything in it’s Place!

Return things to their home! Another big secret to staying organized! If you can’t find things then you haven’t made a home for it or you haven’t returned it to it’s home.

Reap the rewards! Sit back and relax in your fresh, decluttered, cleaned space and enjoy the feeling of a calm, relaxing, serene space!

Do you need help with spring cleaning? Sharon from Organized by Sharon can help you declutter and organize your home! Contact her at (518) 791-5560 or click here to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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