9 Creative Ways to Display Your Collectibles and Memorabilia

Do you have precious collectible items and memorabilia stashed away in your attic or basement somewhere? Are you wondering what to do with those boxes of vintage photos, wedding items, and stamp collection from years ago?  Too often we pack away our collections, labeling them as clutter or useless items. It’s time to dust those collections off and spotlight them with pride!

1.  Memorabilia from Loved Ones

How to display memorabilia

2.  Travel Souvenirs 

How to display travel souveniers
Photo Credit: PopSugar.com

3.  Bridal Bouquet 


4.  Wedding Cake Topper

What to do with wedding cake topper

5. Military Memorabilia

Creative Ways to Display Military Memorabilia

6.  Children’s Artwork

how to display chidrends artwork
Photo Credit: lisamoorefield.com

7.  Baseballs

Creative ways to display baseballs

8.  Vintage Photos

Creative ways to display vintage photos
Photo Credit: bhg.com

9. Stamp Collection

Creative ways to display your stamps
Photo Credit: bhg.com

I hope these ideas inspire you to show off your collectibles instead of stowing them away in the attic! Looking for more helpful tips on organizing and decluttering your home? Follow me on Pinterest and Facebook.

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