Case Study – Walk In Closet

Case Study – Walk In Closet

Alisa moved into her new home just before giving birth to her second child so time was of the essence. I focused on setting up her main living areas while Alisa setup her closet the best she could. Additional clothing were being stored in the spare room closet and totes because she didn’t think everything could fit in her walk-in closet.

Corner shelves in the closet can be awkward. Items tend to get lost in the back and they get mixed together. Keeping like items on one shelf and leaving some space empty will allows you to see what is there.

After sorting and paring down items she no longer liked or wore and removing all maternity clothes, we were able to fit all the clothes she wears into the walk-in. This way she will not have to switch out seasonal clothes and deal with storing extra totes.

I grouped like items together, ex: long, short sleeve shirts, dresses, sweaters, jeans, dress pants, and skirts then I arranged them by color so that it is both visually pleasing and easier to access. This also lets you know what you have so you aren’t duplicating anything.

Dresser drawers are notorious for becoming a disheveled mess because you are always looking for that item at the bottom of the pile. Folding camisoles and T-shirts and sorting them by colors will allow you to find the one you want faster.

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