Case Study – Kitchen Organization

Case Study – Kitchen Organization

“Before Sharon reorganized our pots and pans, I had to get on my hands and knees to find the right cover and match it to the pan, pans would topple and I had to pull everything out frequently to get something in the back. We could not find the spices and had duplicates of everything.   Since she came and reorganized the kitchen, I can now easily find anything without fuss.  It has made such a difference in the overall cleanliness and organization that I went from weekly housekeeping services to monthly!”  S.M.  Queensbury, NY

We placed slide out drawers for better accessibility. Placing the lids on the top shelf and pots and pans on bottom.


This busy family uses water bottles on a daily basis. They tried to use baskets to keep them contained with the lids. However, it was frustrating trying to find the correct lid. Our solution was to customize a cabinet by removing a shelf so that the bottle could stand up with the lids on.

The double cabinet housed the stand mixer and baking pans. We added a double pull out shelving unit on one side to hold all the baking pans and accessories. On the opposite side we added a single pull out for the stand mixer and other baking accessories.

The pantry cabinet was not being used to its full potential. The family found that it was hard to keep it under control. There wasn’t much rhyme nor reason and things just got thrown in where ever. By moving all the cereal, crackers, and chips to this cabinet we were able to stand them up and face them out so that you can see what it is and access easier. By labeling the shelves it makes it easier to maintain. The whole family knows where things go so they all can return them to their proper home.

Ahh, the junk drawer. We all have one. But, it doesn’t have to be a drawer that you are terrified to open. Using a drawer divider we set up sections for items like pens, scissors and tape that are used often. The rest of the stuff was moved to more appropriate places or thrown out.

The metal drawer divider corralled the silverware and utensils however, it is clunky and didn’t fit the drawer well. The wooden divider fits the drawer and looks clean. We only placed items that are accessed on a regular basis in this drawer.

The corner cabinet had been used for dry goods, coffee, and bread. As you can see this was not practical. The corner cabinet makes it hard to view what is in it and items get pushed to the back making them inaccessible. Switching the bowls to the corner still allows you to see what is the cabinet. Moving the dry goods, coffee and teas to this cabinet makes items more visible and having the coffeemaker underneath makes it more efficient to make a cup of coffee in the morning.

This cabinet is home for all spices. By adding a stepped spice rack and organizing the spices in order of A-Z, the client can easily find spices and keep it organized.

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