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20 Tips: How to Get Organized when you have ADHD

Do you have ADHD? Even if you haven’t actually been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder, these 20 helpful organizing tips can help you get and stay organized in your crazy, busy life. Downsize your belongings. Eliminate anything that you don’t use on a regular basis. Forget about “what if…” The more things you have, the more […]

5 Types of Disorganization

Which of these 5 types of disorganization is sabotaging your efforts to get organized? Knowing what type of disorganization is effecting your efforts to get organized is an important part of the process. You can be suffering from one or more continuously or sporadically throughout your life. Chronic Disorganization Chronic disorganization is disorganization that causes […]

5 Tips to Increase Motivation to Tackle Your Clutter

Motivation is the driving force behind accomplishing the things that you want to do. Without motivation, your intentions are just that — intentions — and not actions! Here are 5 simple tips you can try to increase your motivation to tackle that project you’ve been procrastinating about. 1. Get Positive. Instead of thinking how hard it will […]

How to store gift wrap

Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

For years, I’ve had an area in my basement where I kept all my gift wrap supplies. I used a long tote for the rolls of wrap and gift bags, and a plastic rolling drawer unit to hold cards, ribbon, scissors and tape. It worked pretty well, for the most part. Although my home is […]

Living Organized in a Busy World (Part 2)

Hopefully you read and digested Part 1 of how to Live Organized in a Busy World and are eager to learn the next steps to getting and staying organized while living a busy life. I hope you had a chance to start a small project that has motivated you to get organized and stay organized. Let’s get started with […]

Living Organized in a Busy World (Part 1)

It seems that our lives are busier now than they have ever been before. With careers, children’s extracurricular activities, caring for aging loved ones and (if you’re lucky!) your own hobbies, we have such busy lives. It’s hard to stay organized with so much going on. Often, what gets neglected are your living and work spaces. They start […]

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