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Back to school tips from Professional Organizer Sharon Schneible


Here in the northeast there are tell tale signs that back to school is upon us; hot  days and cooler nights, county fairs, stores bustling with back to school shoppers, children’s nervousness of the upcoming school year with new teachers, the anticipation of seeing their friends again, and their parents’ excitement that school will bring […]

Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Are you downsizing to a smaller home or just downsizing to live a simpler life? Check out these tips to help you get started! Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home  1. Start out with a goal and timeframe. Where do you want to go? What do you want your space to look like? How long do […]

spring cleaning tips

It’s Springtime! Here are 8 Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Time to open the windows, let the cool spring breeze blow in and the musty winter air blow out. It’s time to clean and declutter those spaces that you’ve overlooked throughout the year! But, where to start? Here are 8 Spring Cleaning Tips that will help you Declutter and Clean those forgotten spaces and freshen […]

9 Creative Ways to Display Your Collectibles and Memorabilia

Do you have precious collectible items and memorabilia stashed away in your attic or basement somewhere? Are you wondering what to do with those boxes of vintage photos, wedding items, and stamp collection from years ago?  Too often we pack away our collections, labeling them as clutter or useless items. It’s time to dust those collections off and spotlight them […]

It’s Spring in Upstate NY – It’s Time to Declutter Your Home! Here are 20 Things to Throw Away Right Now

It’s spring in Upstate NY, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! If you’re ready to live a clutter free life, Organized by Sharon, Professional Organizer in Saratoga Springs is here to help you. Believe it or not, you don’t actually need all that clutter in your home. Getting rid of items that you don’t really […]

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