Organize Your Junk Drawer with 7 Easy Tips from Saratoga Professional Organizer Sharon Schnieble

7 Tips For An Organized Junk Drawer

It’s the drawer where all the random items get thrown when we don’t want to take the time to think of where it goes or to find a home for it — the “junk” or “everything” drawer — and we all have one or two. If you take a few minutes to sort through the drawer and weed out all the junk, you’ll be able to actually get the most out of the space which can help you get organized and find things easier. Not to mention, you’ll be able to open the drawer again!

Disorganized Junk Drawer in Upstate NY


Here are seven time saving tips that can help you get a jump start on organizing your junk drawer:

  1. Clear off the counter over the drawer. You can use this space to sort out and categorize the random things you find.
  2. Throw it out. Throw away any garbage that may have found its way into the drawer, including anything that is broken (that you meant to fix three months ago) and those things that you have no idea what they belong to.
  3. Clean it out. Once you’ve removed everything from the drawer, take a few minutes to vacuum out the crumbs, dirt and dust that has accumulated and then give it a good wipe down.
  4. Determine what you want to store.  Usually found in a convenient location, junk or everything drawers start out as a place to store those items we tend to use on a regular basis such as pens, paper, keys or tools for quick fixes. Decide what you need to keep and how you want to store the items. You can use organizing devices such as drawer dividers, plastic cubbies that can be custom configured or a desk organizer with double trays (if the drawer is deep enough).
  5. Make space for random items. After you have determined what you want to keep in the drawer and how you will store it, you need to prepare some space for those times when random things will start to collect and you don’t have time to deal with them or you want to keep them there for a short time until you figure out what it belongs to.
  6. Create a home for items that will be moving. If they don’t already have one, create a home for the items that you won’t be placing back in your junk drawer. Think of storing the items in a place in which they will be easily accessible to you when you need them that also makes sense to you so you will remember where you put them. For example, place coupons in an envelope or small organizer and label by stores, use a clear plastic organizer to keep all the different sized batteries in one place, or place all hair accessories in one location.
  7. Schedule time to clean out. Take five or ten minutes a week to go through the drawer and scan it for items you’ve accumulated that you can throw out, return to its original home, or make a space in the drawer. Making time for these few minutes each week will help you ensure your junk drawer organized.
Organized Junk Drawer in Upstate NY


Organizing your junk drawer can be simpler than you think and it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking! With these simple steps, you can have it all done and organized in a jiff!

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