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7 Simple Tips to Tame Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen out of control?

Do you fear an avalanche when you open your cabinet door or pantry?

Are you tired of starting a recipe and realizing that you can’t find the ingredients or pans you need?

Or you didn’t realize that the ingredients that you have are so out of date that you don’t dare use them?

Take control of your kitchen!

Stop all the frustration and stress that a disorganized kitchen causes you. Who needs more stress in their lives? If you aren’t a big fan of cooking, don’t you want to make it a little more enjoyable to be in the kitchen since it is a necessity to eat on a daily basis?

With these simple tips you can have a clean, calm, organized kitchen today!

Empty and Sort

1. Remove everything from one cabinet, drawer or pantry at a time. Now that it is empty, give it a good cleaning.

2. Throw away outdated products, empty packaging (if you live with teenagers or anyone with ADHD, you’ll find some) and anything that is broken; mixers, wooden spoons, etc.

3. Remove anything that you no longer use at all, or that you don’t use on a regular basis. You know: All those “Seen on TV” gadgets, home party items that seemed so easy to use. Donate or toss any of those items that you know you will never use again. Lesson learned — Don’t believe everything you see on TV!  Store items you don’t use regularly in a space in the back of the cabinet, in a closet or up on a top shelf. Don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen? Store it in another room where you can still access it when you need it.



Everything in its place

4. Store items at the point of use. Think about how you move in your kitchen. Place the cups close to the sink. The plates, bowls and silverware should be near the dishwasher to make it easier to put them away. Store coffee and mugs near the coffee maker. Love to bake? Create a cabinet that houses all your baking ingredients, a drawer with all your measuring cups and a cabinet nearby to keep your baking pans. Place potholders in a drawer next to the stove.


5. Store like items together: Glasses on one shelf, mugs on another and wine glasses on another. Plates on one shelf, cereal bowls on another. Cereals on one shelf, soup on another. Silverware in one drawer, wooden spoons and spatulas in another.


6. Install pullout shelves. This is my all time favorite idea. I have a small kitchen and I couldn’t fit a pantry in it so I turned a cabinet into a pantry by adding pullout drawers. I add them in client’s cabinets whenever I can. They are great ways to store pots and pans and bakeware.



7. Containerize. Corral loose or small items in a container. I like these acrylic ones that I picked up at my local TJ Maxx store at a discount. You can also use plasticware with or without the lids.



Use one or all of these tips and Tame your Kitchen Today!

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