Moving in Saratoga Springs? Here are 6 Tips to Make Your Moving Day Less Stressful

Moving can be very stressful.  Everyone knows that a move can be a chaotic mess if not done correctly. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little preparation, you can make the relocation process a little smoother.

Here are 6 tips to help make the packing and moving process easier.

1.     Get a layout of your new home. Draw up a floor plan with measurements and window placement. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You will refer to it when you are trying to decide if you should keep the china cabinet or oversized bedroom set. It will be a guide for the moving company to know the placement of large furniture pieces.

2.     Hire a reliable moving company. Although it may be tempting to do this part on your own with the help of family or friends, this often times causes more stress. You will have to be the supervisor, making sure you have enough reliable help that won’t throw in the towel halfway through because they didn’t realize how much stuff you had or that they would be carrying the pool table up out of the basement. Moving companies are the experts. They know what you have and how many people they will need for the job. And because they are getting paid, they don’t walk off the job.

3.     Hire a babysitter or pet sitter. You will most likely be feeling overwhelmed and be packing up last minute items and will need to available if the moving company have any questions. Doors will need to be opened often and the workers will need to have clear access to and from rooms. Having your child or pet in a safe place will relieve some of the stress.

4.     Pack an overnight bag with items for each family member that you will need to use right away like toileries, medications and a change of clothing. Make sure to carry it with you in your car so you don’t have to worry about unpacking when you get there.

5.     Keep a list of utility companies and their contact information so that if your utilities aren’t turned on when you arrive at your new home you can call them immediately.

6.     Don’t just unpack, Organize! Take the time to put all of your belongings that you so carefully packed and determined that you wanted to keep away where they will stay. Give each item a home that makes sense to the person that will be using the space. If it is a shared space then set it up for the one that will be maintaining it, i.e. a kitchen, family room, bathroom.

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Organized by Sharon can assist with the move from the beginning to the end. As a certified relocation and transition specialist (CRTS), Sharon can help you sort and declutter before your move, assist in packing, stage your home to sell, amongst a number of other downsizing and moving services. For more information on moving and packing services in Saratoga Springs, contact Sharon today at 518-791-5560 for a free phone consultation today!

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