5 Types of Disorganization

Which of these 5 types of disorganization is sabotaging your efforts to get organized?

Knowing what type of disorganization is effecting your efforts to get organized is an important part of the process. You can be suffering from one or more continuously or sporadically throughout your life.

Chronic Disorganization

Chronic disorganization is disorganization that causes a debilitating state of disorder on a regular basis. One who is chronically disorganized has a past history of disorganization and failed self-help attempts. Terms often associated with this type are “collector,” “packrat” or “messy”.

Situational Disorganization

Situational disorganization occurs when major life events disrupt organizational systems that are in place. Often this is temporary and after the event passes, most people are able to resume an organized life. Examples might include a new child in the family, a move, or an illness.

Habitual Disorganization

Habitual disorganization is caused by bad habits that have developed over time. This type of disorganization is self-inflicted. Often times procrastination and overscheduling our lives are the culprits.

Historical Disorganization

Historical disorganization is impacted by your upbringing. People often model the environment that they grew up in. They were never taught organizational skills that could help them lead an organized life.

Social Disorganization

This is disorganization influenced by the social world. It is the “norm” to acquire more stuff than your neighbor, which leads to more than you can use or store in one space, which then leads to renting a storage unit, or worse — buying a bigger house!

These can be used as excuses for your disorganization — or you can learn how to overcome them. Let Organized by Sharon help!

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