It’s Spring in Upstate NY – It’s Time to Declutter Your Home! Here are 20 Things to Throw Away Right Now

It’s spring in Upstate NY, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! If you’re ready to live a clutter free life, Organized by Sharon, Professional Organizer in Saratoga Springs is here to help you. Believe it or not, you don’t actually need all that clutter in your home. Getting rid of items that you don’t really need gives you a sense of relief, reduces stress in your life, and can actually be very therapeutic. Here are 20 things you can get rid of right now in your home (and we’re pretty sure that you won’t miss them!)

20 Things In Your Home To Get Rid Of Right Now:

1.  Expired coupon clippings.

2.  Towels that are showing signs of wear. Use them for cleaning rags or donate to local animal shelters.

3.  Unidentified foil-wrapped items in your fridge or freezer.

4.  2014 calendar.

5.  Miscellaneous cables, cords and wires.

6.  Plastic tupperware that don’t have lids.

7.  Unmatched socks/mittens.

8.  Tools that are rusted.

9.  Power cords that you have no idea what they belong to.

10.  Pens that don’t work.

11.  Books you will never read again.

12.  Decorations you will not use again.

13.  Missing earring.

14.  Receipts from 1 year ago unless you need for tax purposes or warranty.

15.  Outdated food.

16.  The extra packet of buttons that came with a cardigan that you’ve since donated.

17.  Empty boxes.

18.  VHS and Cassette Tapes. (Go digital!)

19.   Clothes that are 2 sizes too small or large.

20.  Shoes that are worn  out.

Bottom line: If you don’t need it, just get rid of it. I hope this list helps. Feel free to toss, recycle, donate, consign or even sell these items. Go ahead and just get rid of this stuff.  It’s time!

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